Where and What Shikakai and Cassia to Buy

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Where and What Shikakai and Cassia to Buy

Does anyone know reputable brands  for cassia and shikakai? I have used Zenia and Hesh shikakai and Zenia cassia. Should cassia always be fresh...2015 or 2016 crop? Is 2013 ok? I have read to buy these products at local Indian shops, not online. I live in MA. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

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Shikakai and Cassia


We (Ancient Sunrise) sell high quality cassia that is certified 100% pure as tested by an independent laboratory. We currently do not carry Shikakai, but are looking into having it in stock in the future, if we can find a quality product. Because this is a forum for the Ancient Sunrise Brand, I wouldn't be able to recommend brand names outside the company. You can visit www.mehandi.com to see our full array of products. Have a good day!

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