Too "RED", need ash?

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Too "RED", need ash?

Henna/indigo makes my hair feel GOOD. So good I think I over-did. Instead of just doing my roots, I've been slathering additional henna/indigo mix randomly throughout the length of my hair on the theory that, eventually, all of it will get an extra shot. But my attempts at random weren't so random, after all. I have a large chunk of hair that has accumulated enough mix to make it, well, vivid fluorescent red'-not orange but red-burgundy bordering on magenta. Lovely color but too bold for this old lady; I want a more natural look. 

My mix is 50gm Rajastani Twilight, 1 tbsp. amla, 1 tbsp. Lemon juice, 15 gm cloves (mostly for fragrance). I mix this and freeze it. When I'm ready to do my hair, I mix in 30 gms indigo and some honey so it rinses out more easily. I apply it and leave it on for an hour and a half before rinsing it out. 

Can you suggest a mix to apply to the fluorescent burgundy than will take it back to a neutral cinnamon color? I suspect a little henna with more indigo, and a good bit of amla, but I'd like another opinion and some help with the proportions. It doesn't necessarily need to be darker, just less vivid.


P.S. I've noticed several statements that only henna or henna/indigo will thicken a too-thin mix. Not true. Cloves, cinnamon, dry ginger will all thicken up a runny mix and add an interesting aroma.

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Ash tones


I think the issue might be partly in your mix and application. while amla does help to ash out bright tones, you need a ratio of 1 part amla for every 4 parts henna. So, if you have 50g henna, you will need about 12.5gm, which would be about 1.5 tablespoons. Amla is acidic, so lemon juice isn't needed; just mix with distilled water. Lemon juice brings out bright tones, so that would negate the amla.

Could you clarify whether you let the mix sit before you freeze it? A henna mix needs to be dye-released at room temperature for 8-12 hours before storing it in the freezer. If not, the dye will be weak, and could be contributing to the redness.

Finally, you will want to keep the mix in your hair for 3 hours for the best results. 1.5 hours might not be enough to saturate your hair, which could also contribute to the brighter tones.

At this point, if you have done several full-head applications, it may take some time to tone the hair to a more neutral color, and each additional application will cause the hair to go darker and darker. I would probably recommend starting with a mix of twilight (dye released with just amla and water) and equal parts indigo, which should result in more of a brown, which may tone out the red, but also make the hair darker overall. Feel free to email us at with some photos, which may help us get a better idea of whats happening.

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