acid for sensitive skin

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acid for sensitive skin

First let me apologize if this is posted elsewhere. I don't have much luck when I try to search.

I used to do a very strong henna gloss with conditioner. I used diluted lemon juice as my acid. I used to get, around my hairline but not actually on my scalp, random spots of oozy itchy rash. Seems like atopic dermatitis. I finally realized it had to be from the lemon juice. I took a break from henna for a few years and am now back to it. I mixed with apple juice to see if that was easier on my skin. Same problem. I recently ordered the Fire kit which uses Copperberry. There are many new items in the shop that are acidic that I haven't tried before. My question is which is considered the most gentle yet still effective? And is there any way I can duplicate a gloss without doing a gloss (like a patch test) to see how my skin reacts? The dermatitis is not bad, it is itchy for about two days then starts to dry up (faster since I have a nice steroid cream now from another skin reaction.) But, I would still like to try and avoid it.  I have used Aquaphor around my hairline in the past and that helps, but it's hard to get the fine hairs around my face coated in henna if they're smeared in Aquaphor.

Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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acid for sensitive skin


Malluma Kristalovino and Kristalovino are the two most gentle fruit acids that we carry. The MK adds ash tones to brunette mixes and makes a darker more auburn stain with henna mixes. Kristalovino makes a lighter brighter henna stain.

Here is a link with more information about our fruit acids:

If you still have questions you can contact customer service between 9am to 10pm est Monday through Friday or email

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