Help! Quick advice needed...

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Help! Quick advice needed...

I use Henna for Gray Hair (medium brunette) from time to time, last time was almost a year ago. I have a lot of new gray to cover up so I ordered a new box. Normally I mix henna with apple juice, wait for dye release, usually four hours or so and then then go ahead and make the indigo mix and apply to hair.

In my new box I found a packet of Malluma Kristalovino powder and new instructions. The new instructions say to combine with henna and distilled water, mix and let sit for 8-12 hours!

Okay so what is the new powder? Is it for any and every kind of hair? Does this mean I stop using the apple juice in future? Why the change in formula?

Thank you

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Malluma kristalovino


We've changed our kits to be a little easier to use. The MK is an acidic powder that replaces the need for a juice. This one specifically helps the henna deepen to a darker result, which is great for our brunette mixes. It is also very gentle on the hair and scalp, in comparison to some liquids like citrus juices or apple cider vinegar.

Most acidic mixes require a slow dye release of 8-12 hours, but apple juice can dye release faster due to the enzymes in the juice. You are fine to do either. If you want to keep using apple juice, just leave the acid powder aside and mix the henna as you always do.

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