Henna in blonde hair

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Henna in blonde hair

Hello everyone,

I need help to clear some facts.

My hair is natural medium blonde, but I have bleached highlights, and I wanted a red hair similar to Julianne Moore and Sophie Turner, that looked natural.

I wanted to know what tone would it be if I put Henna 100% natural in my hair.

Is it going to be too different the bleached part from the natural part?

And will Henna dye my natural hair without needing to bleach it before?




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That color would definitely be achievable on blonde and bleached hair. Your lighter hair will still be a little bit lighter after the henna. I would recommend starting with just Rajasthani Jasmine henna, with amla or nightfall rose as your acid. Your goal color is a more muted medium copper, so either of those two acids would prevent it from being overly bright. If that is still too bright for you, you may need to add a little bit of indigo into your second dye.

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