Bleaching over Hendigo to GET crazy colors

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Bleaching over Hendigo to GET crazy colors

I keep readng you can't bleach over indigo as it will turn your hair green but I can't find any photographic evidence! Anyone have pics? Does it go light green or is it still really blackish with a green hue? I am dying to have mermaid hair! I want a turquise/purple/pink thing going on. 

I use a 50/50 mix Henna and Indigo (both from this site and I always buy the most expensive one). One application of both mixed together. My hair is a darkish brown with red hints. Over the last 2 years I've done my entire head 2x and then I do just the roots every month. This past week I used a boxed dye (Tints of Nature which is 90% natural) to get a darker brown because I just assumed my only option to get mermaid hair is to grow out the hendigo (I'll keep dying my natural hair with the box color but that can be bleached over with no problems). But I got to thinking - would it be possible to bleach over the Hendigo and use the green color to my advantage to create a turquiose color? Anyone ever do this? I'm so curious to see a picture of anyone's "green" hair is it light or dark? 

Any insight greatly appreiated!! Thanks!



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Bleaching indigo


The result varies quite a bit. I personally have done this before, and the remaining indigo left a blue-green sort of teal result over the bleached hair. It isn't a vivid, bright color, but under bright semi-permanent hair dyes it will shift the color cooler. For example, I dyed my hair purple after bleaching, and the areas with indigo became a much cooler, blue-purple.

It is hard to determine what your hair might look like after lightening, because it is dependent on how much indigo is in your hair, how much you lift out, and to what extent you lighten your hair. If you do go ahead and try it, feel free to let us know your result!

Edit: I would definitely recommend doing a strand test first, because I am not familiar with the other product you used, and how it may react with chemical lightener.

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