Advice for a Henna Newbie (recipes)

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Advice for a Henna Newbie (recipes)

Hi all! I know this topic probably comes up a lot, but I'm wondering what recipes are the best. What's your favourite for keeping your hair feeling and looking soft and moisturised? And do different ingredients change the hue at all? Currently I have medium-light brown hair, and I'm hoping to go a vibrant red. I don't mind what kind of red as long as it's not carrot top orange, or reddish brown (brownish red/auburn is fine, but I really want any kind of true red, not a brown red mixture). I did a henna test with some hair from my hair brush; I mixed the henna with chamomile tea and a bit of lemon juice and left the hair in it (after dye release) for around 12 hours. The hair came out a nice medium auburn from what I can tell. I'm just wondering if there is anyway to make it with different ingredients so it might come out a bit more of a vibrant red? Even by just a shade or two, since I know the hair will oxidise even darker over the next few days. Or if I should leave it in for shorter or longer than 12 hours? I know henna doesn't lighten hair, so am just wondering if there is any magic that would simply make the red brighter and less brown?

For reference my hair currently is around this color (maybe a shade or 2 darker)

And am aiming for anywhere in this range (really I'd be happy with any red shade as long as it was a true red with minimal brown) :


Has anyone here gotten from that sort of brown to a true bright red they loved? If so let me know how you did it! Any advice would be much appreciated :)




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For the most vibrant red I would get a sample of our red kit. This kit contains Monsoon henna and copperberry fruit acid. The monsoon is more of a rosy red and the copperberry fruit acid keeps the henna lighter and brighter because it contains antioxidants that deter the darkening.

Here is where you can find the sample of the red kit.

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