super dye resistant gray

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super dye resistant gray

As I have gotten more gray hair, I have had to move from hendigo to 2 step in order to get my roots brown.  I'm finding that now, even that isn't resulting in as dark of a brown as I would like.  More of a medium brown.  I use Rajasthani Twilight before using Zekhara Indigo.  I wash my hair with both baking soda and dish soap beforehand,  and add salt to the indigo.  I usually only leave the henna on for 5-6 hours before leaving the indigo on for 2 hours.  Is there anything else I can do?  Leaving the henna on overnight only irritates my sensitive scalp.  My roots are bright orange so it seems the henna has done it's job just fine, but it seems like the indigo isn't working too well.  I only rinse the henna out with water before doing the indigo.  Should I be soaping it up or something?

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Indigo not sticking


I recommend using a clarifying shampoo or our Rainwash before applying the Henna to remove any mineral buildup from the hair.  Baking soda and dish soap will remove oils,  but will not remove mineral buildup. I also recommend washing out the henna with either shampoo or dish soap.

If neither of these work,  then you can add 1 tsp table salt to 100g of Indigo for better Indigo uptake.

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