Indigo alternative Buxus?

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Indigo alternative Buxus?

Hi everyone, a week ago I posted here to share my experience with Indigo hairdye. Unfortunely I am very allergic to the plant now, it developed over 1,5 years. It first was a very mild reaction and the last time very severe with swelling of my eyes and a red rash on my face.... I am not 100% sure if its the henna or indigo but I think Indigo based on the fact that more people are allergic to the Indigo then to henna. Also last time I used much Indigo and my hair became very dark brown.  So now I really would like to try Henna and Buxus wich , I hope , can give my hair also a very dark brown color. I am just very scared of using buxus since I had this allergic reaction. I dont know what the changes are of my body also reacting to buxus... Anyone knows If buxus is related to the indigo plant and also more common to be allergic for?? 

I will do  a patch test with only henna and only buxus on my skin and wait 48 hours cause my last severe reaction started after  36 hours..... Anyone experience with buxus after being allergic to Indigo?


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Allergic to Indigo.


Was the Indigo you used Ancient Sunrise Indigo? If it was not,  then that reaction could still be a ppd reaction. Buxus is no longer sold by True Buxus can only be imported from Yemen or Iran. We are currently unable to do so because of the current conflict going on there.

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