darkening hair question

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darkening hair question

Hi there -

For about a year, I've been using a cassia-henna-indigo with copperberry mixture to dye my gray roots. The proportions are:

100g Cassia + 2tsp henna with 25g copperberry
12 hour dye release over night
add 1/2 tsp indigo in AM
apply to wet hair for 3-4 hours

After washing out the mixture, my roots are dyed a lovely dark blonde. Now that a year has passed I can observe how the color has changed with time as my hair has grown. I've noticed that the dark blonde seems to be growing into quite a cool, dark brown color, which is not something I'm excited about. Is this because the cassia eventually washes out, leaving the henna and indigo behind? I assumed that the cassia would sort of bind to the henna but perhaps that is an incorrect assumption.

Thanks for any insight.



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Hair Darkening.


Henna, Cassia, and Indigo, all mixed together are permanent. The Henna helps the Cassia and Indigo bind permanently to the keratin in the hair.  Henna and Indigo darken over time through a natural process of oxidation. Heat styling from hot combs, blow drying or straighten irons can speed up this oxidation. Darkening from heat styling cannot be reversed. Mineral buildup from hard water can also cause unwelcome darkening of the color. A clarifying shampoo or Rainwash will remove the mineral buildup if this is what is causing the darkening.


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