Revive henna?

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Revive henna?

I usually mix my henna with amla and water and then check for due release after able about 10 hours.

I had an emergency this morning and had to leave and I'm afraid by the time I get home I'll have missed dye release.

If I add some new henna to the mix, would that make it so I could use it and the already dye released henna would just be an inert 'pudding' that would stretch the amount of new henna?

Hopefully that made sense?

Thank you!

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Dye Release.


If you cannot use your Henna after it has sat for a 10 hour dye release, put it in the fridge. This will preserve the dye from demising. It can be in the fridge for up to 2 days. As long as the Henna doesn't sit for more than 24 hours at room temperature it should still give a decent stain on the hair.

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