Interesting article about Physical types who get tattooed

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Interesting article about Physical types who get tattooed

I found this to be very interesting, and thought you might too.  I found it especially interesting because I actually get a lot of interest from people who are trying to hide or camoflage "ugly" parts....



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Re: Interesting article about Physical types who get tattooed

Traditional tattooing and body marking in women is often symmetrical.  One researcher thought that might be because women who have ovarian disfunctions tend to have assymetrical breast development ... though I didn't see any research papers going any farther with that. (I think everyone's a bit uneven, and bras camoflage that.)

Another researcher found a correlation between tribal groups having body markings that accentuated the breadth of a male's shoulders with periodic food shortages.  The researcher thought that in good times, decoration was decoration, but in bad times, exaggerating the male characteristic of broad shoulders may have given some advantage in elbowing the way to the food. 

Females seemed to accentuate their bellies and hips when there was a shortage of suitable men, as if to increase their changes of getting one.  That wasn't to say there were very few males .... but there were few DESIRABLE men.  

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Re: Interesting article about Physical types who get tattooed

".. but there were few DESIRABLE men." 

And the famine continues......

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Re: Interesting article about Physical types who get tattooed

Funny, I just got some new ink. Why? Because it was a gift or I would have had to wait a while for the extra cash and it's actually last on my list of things to spend money on, so I'm quite grateful. This one is an updated recent piece of my daughter's art work, she was feeling embarassed about the mermaids & fairies she did when she was 6.

I also sport my son's skeleton men he drew when he was 6, and a band my husband designed for me about 7 years ago.

The fairy on my arm represents my gramma, who helped me grow up certain that pixies and fairies are real, which they are.

The goddess on my back came to me in a dream, something to do with someone important to me knowing who I am to  them when they see it.

No one else in my blood  family has tattoos that I know of. I may be the first, but my daughter assures me when she turns 18 i won't be the last.

As soon as it heals I will share with you "The Fancy Seahorse of Sexiness."

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Re: Interesting article about Physical types who get tattooed

I have one real ink tattoo... My mom has 2, my father has 5 or 6.

I also have female problems. I have a serious size difference in my breast. almost 2 cup sizes :-( it can we hard to find a good bra. Not sure what that would have to do with my tattoo preference, though I do have more piercings on the ear on the side where my larger breast is.


I've come to like my henna tattoos better, I like that I can always change my design, or re-do it if I like it.

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