lightening henna

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lightening henna

I have been using henna for a few years.  I love the color it gives me, but with all the layers upon layers it has made my hair a little dark.  I naturally have dirty blonde/red hair.  When I first started using henna the color was a perfect red.  But now I'm finding that I think my hair is looking a little dark.  It looks very red in the sunshine, but indoors under the lights in the office it looks brownish auburn.  Is there any way to lighten the henna?  Or maybe stirp it from my hair in a way that won't damage it so I can start all over again?  I'm not ready to give up henna...I love it...but I just want my color a bit lighter. 

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Re: lightening henna

I saw you in the thread about stripping henna using honey/baking soda ;)

Unless that works, I don't know of any way to "strip" henna (i.e., remove it without removing any other color from the hair). But you can lighten the hair itself, which will make the henna appear lighter.

With extreme amounts of bleaching you can remove some or perhaps all of the henna but that damages the hair quite a lot ... some who have tried bleaching past orange into the blonde zone have ended up getting short haircuts because the hair loses so much keratin in the process, it's just a mess and you can't repair it. It breaks off, you can't comb it, etc.

Here is the FAQ that talks about bleaching:

Another option is lightening with a mixture of honey and distilled water. At the Long Hair Community forum they've worked out the specific types of honey and ratios that work best, so I'll refer you over there to learn about that. Not just any honey or any ratio will work, and tap water isn't necessarily going to work. It will lighten gently without damage but it is very slow compared to using peroxide, and will take many applications to give you significant lightening.

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