Q & A "Can I choose my own password?"

The answer is an enthusiastic "Yes!" Enthusiastic because user administration was a bothersome chore on the old forum script but on our new site, you can control your own account. When you're logged in, click the "My account" item on the menu in the left column and you'll go to a page with details on your account that you can control, including your password.

Be aware that we have a "password complexity" policy in effect to avoid passwords that are too easy to guess. All passwords must be at least six characters long and use a mix of upper and lower-case lettters, nnumerals and punctuation and "special" characters. The server will reject any password that doesn't meet the minimum complexity standard. However, a password can be sufficiently complex but still be easily memorable. For example, ilovehenna would not pass the complexity rule, but !IL0ve_Henna01 would be complex enough to be accepted by the server without being too complex to remember easily.