Worried about recent purchase

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Worried about recent purchase

I just purchased Jamila Henna 2010 summer crop but I don't know if it has been tested for impurities. I am now thinking that I should cancel my order. Is Jamila 2010 safe to use? Should I cancel my purchase?


                                                                                  Thanks in advance!

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Re: Worried about recent purchase

Jamila is a very safe brand. Mehandi.com wouldnt sell it if it wasnt. The company that produces Jamila also packages some of the other hennas mehandi.com sells. The only thing about Jamila that you cant 100% count on is the dye content. Unlike the other hennas sold here, Jamila is not tested in a lab for dye content (since its not part of the Ancient Sunrise brand) and thus the color/dye content can be all over the map and vary greatly from crop to crop, season to season.

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