Buxus on naturally dark blonde hair

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Buxus on naturally dark blonde hair

still brainstorming how to get the color i'm looking for:

i have naturally dark ash blonde hair, the ends are an unfortunate brassy yellow from previously being bleached and dyed (btw, plant dyes create the most beautiful hair colors, i've sworn off chemical dyes forever!) i've been trying to figure out how to match the ends to the roots. it occurred to me that maybe applying buxus alone would give the ends a more neutral color, darkening the yellow and toning down the brassy undertones, but then what would it do to the roots, since they are already quite ash? would it turn it gray/greenish? any insight is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Buxus on naturally dark blonde hair

I'm not sure how well buxus will stick to hair that has no henna in it, but it might turn everything greenish - previously dyed and virgin hair - if there is no red/orange color in the hair. If by brassy you mean yellow, the result will be green. If you mean orange, the result will probably be ash blonde/brown.

Timing: A 15 minute application of straight buxus is all it takes to turn orange hennaed hair to light brown.

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