achieving medium reddish-brown color on mostly gray/white roots

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achieving medium reddish-brown color on mostly gray/white roots

I tried henna for the first time about two weeks ago after coloring my own hair at home for many years.  I wanted to keep my light brown hair and only color the new growth roots with henna.  I was advised to try the Chai kit (henna/buxus/cassia) from someone I spoke with at the Help line.  My friend who helped me apply the color thought I should do my entire head so there wouldn't be a difference in color from the roots to the rest.  We left it on for 2 hours.  What I ended up with is a medium reddish brown shade on the length of my hair (I've gotten a number of compliments and it's a good shade for Fall, so I'm OK with that) but the roots took in a light orange-ish/reddish tone--definitely NOT a good look!  I've tried 2 times since with just a buxus/cassia mix on only the roots and they've toned down some, but are still much lighter than the rest of my hair.  I'm about to do a touch-up (roots only this time) and I'm due to buy more henna, but I don't have a clue what colors or combos to try.  Suggestions?

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Re: achieving medium reddish-brown color on mostly ...

If it's light orange, I'd do the chai mix again but *just* on the roots. If you change it at all, increase the amount of buxus. Be sure you mix the buxus with water (nothing acidic) immediately before adding it to the already dye-released cassia/henna paste and applying to hair right after that.

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