Collection of images from 100 years ago

I have a large collection of images from 100 years or so ago ... and many of these include some wonderful details of grooming and the world of hair before the chemical industry got ahold of it. 

I also have a collection of old pictures of people with red hair (just for the heck of it, and just because red hair is a world of its own)

I'll post high resolution scans and details if this is something peopel would like.

Here's an example:

Would you like more?

I would be interested in seeing more pictures. 

OMG!!! Such beautiful dreads!!!! Yes I want to see more!

Ah,  YES!!!  I would love to see more and learn their stories/traditions etc.....

I think there may be silk threads braided in with all the ornaments ... but can't tell without color imaging and better focus.