Chai Kit

Hi All,

I've been using products from Catherine for about five years.  I initially started bleached blonde, went to henna red, alburn, med brown, dark brown, black then back to red by just jusing henna and it was a really cool ombre effect that blended great.  I wanted to go back to blonde (my original color which is now 30 percent gray).  I did two cassia treatments after rainwash and the color is good.  My hair is starting to get healthier with the cassia.   I took a henna break and went to chemicals.  Didn't like at all what it did to my hair. 

Bleaching roots as they grow then henna for strawberry blonde advice

Hi all! I have had a forum rummage but thought now would ask for advice. This is for someone else:

Her hair is light mouse brown with a lot of grey that of course doesn't hold dye.  She dyes her hair blonde using L'Oreal or other such. She wants to henna because of it's grey covering talent. On a strand test of 4:1 cassi:henna she gets the perfect colour over her already bleached hair, but how to do the upkeep is the question. Wait for roots, bleach, then henna after a days rest or so? How to avoid horizontal stripes? Any information gratefully received! 

Bleaching over Hendigo to GET crazy colors

I keep readng you can't bleach over indigo as it will turn your hair green but I can't find any photographic evidence! Anyone have pics? Does it go light green or is it still really blackish with a green hue? I am dying to have mermaid hair! I want a turquise/purple/pink thing going on. 

chai kit proportion of Nightfall Rose?

I would like to try the Chai combination. 

My question is about using Nightfall Rose.

Does the quantity in the kit represent the proportion to use in relation to the other plant dyes?

I have henna and indigo and cassia already but would like to try Nightfall Rose and need to know how much to purchase. 

Also, how long does Cassia in an unopened package last, stored in a dark closet?

Swimming in bathing pools and sea.



does swimming in bathing pools which have chlorine in them have an effect on cassia/henned hair,  can sea water effect it also?

Thank you.

Regular Hair Dye after a year of henna

Hello, so I tried to keep doing henna but my gray shows up after a week and the henna process is so long I can't do it anymore ;( I have been using indigo henna from Rainbow and I was wondering if that was safe to go back to regular chemical dye to cover my grey ? 

Thanks in advance !

Will an olive oil treatment strip color from my henna+indigo+amla in my hair?

It's been four days since I dyed my hair with henna, indigo, and amla I mixed as instructed on the tap dancing lizard's pdf for a cool medium brown. I love the color that it's left in my hair, but now I'm looking for a way to add more moisture and relax the fizziness. 

indigo vs. buxus

Hi, I'm a first time henna user.  Getting close to taking the plunge and about to order supplies.   I'll be starting off (after application of Color Oops) a patchy strawberry blond / light brown shade, with roots that are 80% gray 20% medium brown.  My chemically processed hair could really use a conditioning boost, so I kinda want to include cassia in the mix, which I'm thinking should work out color wise too, since I'd like to wind up some variation of golden copper.  So I was thinking a mix of henna and cassia would work.  But I'd rather it lean brownish than pop up bright orange.

Lightening Before Henna

Hello! I am brand new to Henna but after hearing that that's how Grace Coddington dyes her hair ..... I have been introduced to a whole new world. Also chemical dyes have not been getting my hair red enough! And it certainly doesn't stay. 

Using henna on POROUS processed hair

Hi! I've never tried henna but plan to give it a go after I do some more learning about it.   I'm 52, so my hair's been around the block!   It's just past my shoulders and actually in pretty good condition, but it's always been porous, partly just due to genetics I think, and also due to a lifetime of traditional box color and/or salon visits for chemical colorings.  


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