Cassia and Henna for highlights.



I have mid to dark brown hair with 15% grey.

I have just pruchased a packet of cassia and a packet of henna.

I want to mix the two to hopefully make my grey strands look like highlights.

I have tried cassia with apple juice before, but this did not change the greys at all, so I thought by adding some henna this time with cassia it would give more color.

How much henna would I need to add to the cassia to turn the greys to a strawbeery blond color.

Also do I still need to mix with something acidic or just water?

Help: Can I re-terp my henna?

Hi everybody,

I just made a batch of Jamila 2016 henna paste, used KISS recipe. Yesterday I tried a design on my hand and realized that perhaps I haven't terped it long enough. I left the paste on overnight. Now the paste has been off since 12 hrs and the colour is so far only a light brown. The weather is cold right now where I live (inside home temperature average 18 deg C) so I'm thinking maybe I should have let the mixture sit out another day (3 instead of 2). 


KInd of giving up on henna

Hi.  I so love the idea of henna and the other natural products available on the AS website and all the forums and the PDF book chapters are so wonderful for learning.  It's been a few months now and three applications of the AS henna for gray hair to auburn kits, following instructions given.  Sigh.  The hint of orange just doesn't go away and it's just not good with my skin tones, making my age look more than it needs to.  It's never really gone to auburn.  I am just about to turn back to chemical dyes to get the mahogany I like on the main part of the hair shaft with a nice medium brown

Grey Turning Very Orange

I have been using the same mixture 1 part henna to 2 parts indigo of Rajasthani Twighlight and Sudina Indigo for several years and have noticed a much more orange color that doesn't deepen with time lately. I follow this procedure. 

Cassia for conditioning over henna without colour change... what I want. Have had a bit of a scrummage through the forum topics but thought now I would just ask direct.

I dont do a full henna head very often, maybe once a year, but wanted the strengthening/conditioning benefits of cassia. I really don't want a colour change.

Maybe simply doing a full head of henna more often might be better for this, but am wary of it getting too dark and weighed down. 


Fake Jamila Henna "Jameela"


I got very excited today when I found some Jamila henna locally.

I bought a box, the package was green, there is a batch number 15052015 and an exp date 04-2018

Mfg date 05 2015

Premierè qualité Henné

Oasis corporation pvt ltd

Then I realised it is spelt JAMEELA

I had added hot water and lemon juice and its already looking very bright and I would not have suspected a thing.

Can anyone tell me if this sounds suspicious?

Thankyou in advance!


would like mahogany more than auburn

Hello.  I have applied the Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Gray Hair Kit: Auburn twice now, about a month ago.  I applied Rainwash first as directed, then the two henna applications just a couple days apart because it was so orange and brassy after the first application...and reddened nicely with the second application.  Now it is time to do the roots and I might as well do an all over application again because I am still wanting it darker, a bit more brown than red.  While a month's time has definitely helped in turning my hair from red to auburn (mostly), and I'm pleased with that, I wonder if

Water only in hair henna

I've been henna-ing my hair for several years now, and have always used tea, coffee or apple cider vinegar in the mix. Last night I forgot, and simply added water. The resulting color was gorgeous, a rich pure red. My natural color is ash brown and about 40 percent gray. Is this a fluke, or is there some science to this mystery?

light brown henna ratios

I am a newbie, first let me say that I am very impressed with Ancient Sunrise website as far as the quality of the product being sold and the provided resources, this is why I choose it.   I just did my first sample henna from a hairbrush sample, I have probably 80% grey at temples and been chemically dying my hair for atleast 15 years and it is dry.  I used the Henna for Gray Hair Medium Brnette, Cassia and Indigo to acheive light brown, I used orange juice to mix since the Cassia did not have the Malluma Kristalovino in it.


I am on day 4 after my first henna with the AS kit for gray hair to auburn, using MK for acid, as included in the kit.  Day 1 included quite the Orange Panic!  Day 2 a very little softening of the brassy orange and almost imagined some darkening.  Day 3 shampoo and blow drying brought out more darkening, but still so much orangey this morning on Day 4 that I don't want to go out in public yet.  I'm thawing out my henna leftovers and wanting to reapply today to speed up the darkening process.  I was used to traditionally died medium-brown-mixed-with-red roots and bleached tips that turned co


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