How can I lighten or ombre hennaed hair

I am aware it is not possible to lighten your hair with henna, however, I wanted to know if it is possible to lighten your hennaed hair with other products such as lemon, peroxide, rhubarb, honey, chamomile or anything else. I would like to achieve an ombre look but I do have dark brown hair with reddish tints from henna. If it is possible to achieve this with the most minimal amount of damage please share! I do have some grays and I want to avoid coloring my hair for as long as possible but I also want to be able to play around with different colors even if it is not so obvious.

Henna gloss for gray hair?

Could I do a bi-weekly gloss to color gray gradually instead of the full-on henna treatment?

I have naturally light brown hair that is 30/40% gray; i.e., dirty dishwater. In the past, I used 50% Raj Twilight / indigo for a med auburn brown I was satisfied with (and great gray coverage, btw)--but the ROOTS! Ugh. Gray roots showed up every two weeks, and I didn't have the discipline to keep it up. So I grew it out. Now I have a chin-length bob that has become so dry and frizzy I look like I rode my broomstick through a tornado. It was way less frizzy when I was hennaing!

Any tips to make henna redder?

Okbso I've been using henna for years and I've never had this issue. For some reason the last batch isn't very red, it needed up brown with a slight hint of red. I always use the certified henna with the highest dye content but this last bit didn't turn out right. Any ideas for something to add to it to make it redder? I don't want to throw it out as there's at least one more use left. Thanks for any tips!

Amla together or separate?

Hello ~

If I want to use amla for some volume and to add some curl back in to my hair, will I get better results if I mix the amla with my Henna or if I use it a few days later as a separate treatment?

Also - if results are better when mixed with the henna, would I do the method where I use the amla as the acidic for the henna, or the method where I just add the amla to the henna after the henna has dye release?

Thank you!

The topic is "Sunshine" ?!

Hi! I am curious about the Sunshine mix with 4:1 ratio of Cassia Obovata to Henna.   In preparation of this mix with fruit acids, does one wait for dye release of the entirety... or mix henna first and wait for dye release, or not wait for dye release at all?

Many thanks and Happy Mum's Day to all.

Advice for First Time Working a Henna Night

I'm in the process of beening hired to work my first henna night. It's for a Turkish wedding, and I am looking for advice and tips from anyone who's worked or even been to a henna night before. Mainly what to expect, what to wear & if there is anything I should bring, do or expect so I will be prepaired.  Thanks!



New Terms?

I have been ordering my henna online from you for about 5 years and paying with my Visa Card. I prefer not to open a PayPal Account.

When I tried to order my henna online last night, I learned that terms had changed.

I can still decline to open a PayPal Account.

I can still pay with my VISA

However, you are forced to agree to PayPal’s terms and conditions EVEN if you don’t open a PayPal Account, otherwise it will not process the order.  Below is the text:

First time user questions

Hello everyone,

I used Ancient Sunrise Warm black kit for the first time on Friday and loved the result!!

I have natural black hair which has grayed and I have been dyeing it black with L'oreal color for the past 5 years. I wanted to go all natural and I discovered ancient sunrise.

My grays have turned a lovely brown colour. I want this to remain and colour my hair the same way, perhaps make it a little dark brown,


Has anyone on here tried lightening their henna hair with bleach and olaplex? 

Im very cautious to use such a new product but everything I read about it says how magical it is. I did read on another site about someone successfully going from henna to platinum. Saw pics, but no idea what type of henna she used or how many times she henna'ed her hair. 

Anyone on here have any first hand advice?


Cassia over Henna/Indigo/Amla




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