Cassia/Henna after chemo

I wonder if anyone can help me.

I completed chemo and my hair has started regrowing. The first regrowth was translucent and I still looked bald. Not knowing anything about henna I tried a rainbow henna and got orange. Yikes.

I tried to take it out with color oops and then I colored it twice with drugstore bought brown to try to tone it down.

Having trouble with indigo sticking?

So, I've been using Henna & Indigo (2 step) off and on for years now!  Aside from the very first time I used Indigo (used henna religiously since I was very young and before any grays), I've always had issues with indigo's staying power.  I've asked questions and pretty much exhausted all 'suggestions' with no luck.  Recently, however, I opted to test out the Indigo by simply leaving it on longer.  It'd been suggested that indigo does not stay on hair too long as henna can take over the indigo.

Roots question

Hi there!

I have done my test samples and it looks like I'm going to need a couple of full head applications to get the deep cherry red I want.  I'm more than happy to do that but I have a question - if it takes a few full applications to get the right colour on my length how do I do root only applications from then on?  Will I need to do my roots 2 or 3 times each time in order to get them to the same colour as the length??

Sorry if that is a dumb question but I can't get it straight in my head!!

Possible allergy to indigo? Please help! :( Desperate to continue using!


Hi everyone,

My apologies - this is going to be a long post but I am desperate for help!  I will also begin by saying that I have read all of the indigo allergy posts I could find here and no ones symptoms completely matched mine. 

First time using henna!

im fed up of messing around with my hair! 

I've been very colour , at the moment I have gingery, light brown roots with darker brown and ginger plus a bit of old pink at the bottom and loads of white hair coming through!

ive used colour b4 last week aswell to get it lighter but it's gone back dark. 

Ive bought henna block from lush I think cacao rouge . Will it take over my hair? Will it cover grey? 

I'm scared of using Incase I don't like it or it goes too dark as I hate my hair dark ! And can't change it then! 

Cranberry Juice

Hi, I am trying to find suitable cranberry juice to mix with my henna.  It would appear that in the UK we don't do pure juice we do "juice drink" and I'm wondering if it is going to be suitable.  The ingredients list is as follows

Water, Cranberry Juice from concentrate 26%, Sugar, Cranberry Puree 4%, Dextrose

Now this may be a dumb question - but is that OK to use?

Also, I started a new thread a week or so back called "Can I check my plan please?" and it seems to have been deleted.  Does anyone know why - did I do something wrong?

Thanks, Sarah 

Kristalovino vs Copperberry

Hi all,

I'm just curious if anyone has much knowledge on these two acids.. 

I want my stain "lighter and brighter", which I've read both of these acids will accomplish, but the Copperberry claims that it will keep the color lighter, brighter, and less likely to darken over time.. I'm not seeing that claim on the diprotic acid.

Does anyone know if the Kristalovino will also keep the henna from darkening as much over time?


Thanks :-)

Purple tint to brown hair

I'm a man trying to cover a few white hairs. It turns out purple with henna.  Folks here say it's way cool. I go to the next town, and they all make fun of me. I saw a suggestion to add juice. I put a little grape juice (white, not purple) in because that's all I had at the time. It turned pink! How am I supposed to maintain a macho image like this? ;-()

So I tried some vinegar (how much?). It turned even purpler.

I see indigo mentioned here a few places. Still not sure exactly what it does. I can't find it locally. Where could I get it?



I recently had henna/indigo put on my hair to cover the gray.  To avoid protein overload, should I only use "protein free" hair care products?


Shades of henna

Hi again. :-)


I've gotten started on my hair using pure henna from Henna Color Lab, but I am planning on ordering some samples from


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