Hendigo not covering grey/ 2 step too dark help please

Hi, I started using henna and Indig 2 step method  on my very dark brown hair which had some highlights in it and for the first couple of uses I loved it. I got a lovely chocolatey brown. However, after time, when my highlights had grown out, the two step mix (even though I was only doing the roots) started to make my hair a blue black. I then switched to hendigo but it makes my grey an orangey colour. I am using premium quality henna and indigo.

A Little Gray in the Hairline

Hello,   This is regarding an article that I found on this website dealing with covering gray in the hairline.  Somebody on the site was talking about  (Situation) they had great henna coverage on their hair, but, Not the hairline area. And, One of your people (Hennaforhair) Made a point, they use,  I believe, suggested that they use Conditioner, and Henna, I believe there was more to it.

Expense of cassia

Is there something inexpensive to use in place of cassia?

I generally use 100g of cassia with 2 teaspoons of henna. This gives my naturally light auburn hair a nice reddish boost and gives my 20% white/gray hair a very natural-looking strawberry blond color. I don't like the pink/rosy tint that henna can give white hair on its own, but diluted in the cassia, I get the color I want. However, the cassia had no discernible effect on the color of my hair at all when I used it on its own.

Dye release time for copperberry

I've lost my instructions. I have 1 packet of copperberry and 100 grams of henna. If I mix with distiller water, how long for dye release? Thanks! 

Henna/Indigo disaster

 So I order LUSH Caca Nior, not knowing much about henna or indigio. So I followed the directions LUSH gave me and ended up with green tipped ends. This is due that my Mid-hair and ends had been chemically bleached 6months prior. I later found out chemicals cannot be placed onto the hair after hennaed. So I did it again (LUSH Caca Nior), actually I did it four times Twice in one week, Twice in the following week (which was last week). So with these applications I got the green to turn BLACK like PITCH BLACK.

Where and What Shikakai and Cassia to Buy

Does anyone know reputable brands  for cassia and shikakai? I have used Zenia and Hesh shikakai and Zenia cassia. Should cassia always be fresh...2015 or 2016 crop? Is 2013 ok? I have read to buy these products at local Indian shops, not online. I live in MA. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

jasmine henna first time

Hi I would be happy if somebody could help my with my henna application please. I´ve got some guestions:

Cassia and dye release



I have purchased some cassia and want try this to see if it will cover my greys, now that they are appearing more, and wondered what is the best to use as a dye release.

I have been reading adding lemon to cassia can cause some people to have sensitivity on the scalp as the lemon is too acidic and orange maybe a better option.

I have quite a few fresh oranges that have not been eaten so can I squeeze and use the juice from these to add to the cassia or would I need to buy orange juice in a carton to use ?

Please henna 101 me to get a RED(!)/not too orange effect : what do I buy / how do I do this?

Sorry this is long. I am terribly excited and nervous! In advance, I GREATLY appreciate any help! :)
End of December, 2012, I first henna-ed my hair. I purchased the henna from this site and did a lot of lurking about (I'm re-stumbling around right now!), trying to figure out how to get the effect I wanted. It was a great success, but...I don't remember the process anymore!

Unclear on protocol...

Hello, I'm going to have my henna applied tomorrow for the first time. I'm a little unclear on instructions & also have a question or two. I'd appreciate your help!

Before henna: Rainwash. But do I shampoo as usual, and then do Rainwash? And is Rainwash the last product that I use before henna?

Let it sit 6 hours max...? I'd like the deepest color possible. Is overnight too long/unnecessary?

- What about adding coconut oil to my henna??

After 6 hours (+) I rinse it out, for 20+ minutes if necessary...


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