Please henna 101 me to get a RED(!)/not too orange effect : what do I buy / how do I do this?

Sorry this is long. I am terribly excited and nervous! In advance, I GREATLY appreciate any help! :)
End of December, 2012, I first henna-ed my hair. I purchased the henna from this site and did a lot of lurking about (I'm re-stumbling around right now!), trying to figure out how to get the effect I wanted. It was a great success, but...I don't remember the process anymore!

Unclear on protocol...

Hello, I'm going to have my henna applied tomorrow for the first time. I'm a little unclear on instructions & also have a question or two. I'd appreciate your help!

Before henna: Rainwash. But do I shampoo as usual, and then do Rainwash? And is Rainwash the last product that I use before henna?

Let it sit 6 hours max...? I'd like the deepest color possible. Is overnight too long/unnecessary?

- What about adding coconut oil to my henna??

After 6 hours (+) I rinse it out, for 20+ minutes if necessary...

henna for faded redhead

Hello. I was born redhead but over the years my hair loses color. Now it seems more blonde that redhead.  Which Henna do you recommend to add a reddish or orange patina? I don' have white hair. I would not darken my hair, just give it a more reddish hue.

Henna for Hair Kit: Fire? 

Henna for Hair Kit: Cinnamon?

Thank you in advance.

Henna on porous bleached hair

I was a happy henna user for almost a decade before chemically lightening my hair and using fire engine red deposit dyes like Manic Panic and Pravana for two years. My hair is naturally medium dark brown with about 20% Gray, and I used to dye with body art quality henna from here to a lovely chocolate cherry shade. My latest style has been chemically dyed dark brown on top, fading to an ombre dark purple on bottom. As you can imagine, the bottom half of my bra strap length hair is very porous.


Hello, I'd like to know what would give hair the most shine. Would it be amla? Or cassia? Or, maybe both amla and cassia? Or something else?Thank you. 

Indgio/Henna mix HELP!!

I just made this account and I know there are some postings about lighting indigio but  rather be safe than sorry for my particular situation. So I order LUSH Caca Nior, not knowing much about henna or indigio. So I followed the directions LUSH gave me and ended up with green tipped ends. This is due that my Mid-hair and ends had been chemically bleached 6months prior. I later found out chemicals cannt be placed onto of the hair after hennaed. So I did it again (LUSH Caca Nior), actually I did it four times Twice in one week, Twice in the following week (which was last week).

wanna loose curls and dryness

Its been a year I had smoothened my hair. And I loved it. But now my hair is dry ,brittle and the curls are coming back.

Please let me know which brand leads to loss of curls and what is the mix.  I also want my hair to be strong and healthy.

Can I strip henna from my hair, to go "natural"?

I use Ancient Sunrise "RED" on my 50% grey(white) hair, which was a light/medium brown with golden/red highlights when I was younger. I used chemical dyes for a number of years and just recently made the leap to henna about 3 years ago. 

If I have been successful, I have added 2 photos: 1- showing long root growth with my natural color, and 1-showing what it looks like since I did a henna touch-up.

I'd like to know how to go natural without drastic measures, like CUTTING it all off!  


Thank you!


Elusive Irish Red

Elusive Irish Red


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