Henna benefits and Roots

Hi everyone!

I decided to just go for it and be a red hennahead.  I'm loving it!


Can you leave henna and cassia together...

Was about to mix my formula today of henna, cassia, and amla, and realized I actually don't have any amla. :-( Already put the henna and cassia in a bowl. Is it OK to leave it like this until amla arrives? I'll seal it up, but will any unwanted chemical reactions occur? No water added. Just dry. Thank you.

Amla making henna brighter/coppery?

I feel I posted too many topics the first time, so I'm revamping!


Hi everyone!

I've been running test samples on my hair wads to get my perfect hendigo shade, but I can't seem to get consistent results.  I'm also getting counterintuitive results with the use of amla.

Cold Henna

Hello Everyone!  I hope you're having a lovely day.  

Saturday night, I mixed henna with vinegar and a little bit of amla in a stainless steal bowl.   I covered it with plastic wrap and left it out on the counter.  I was planning to use it the next day.  I got sick during the night with a bout of stomach flu so I couldn't do my hair.  After it was mixed and out about 15 hours, I put it in the fridge.  Now that I feel great, I have a ton of work to catch up on and still no time to do my hair.  I'd like to use the henna Friday.  

1.  Will it still be good to use?

Loss of curl


I have been using henna/indigo for 7 months now. I am Sicilian and have VERY naturally curly hair.  Now it is barely wavy??   I was told to add Amla to the mix. I did using the suggested amount with no results. I doubled the amount...still no return of my curls.   I love usig a natural product instead of a vox of chemicals, but this is very frustrating.

The one caveat ...

"If henna is mixed with a very sour liquid, the stain will be a very light coppery orange at first and gradually darken towards deep auburn." ~ p.2 of  http://www.tapdancinglizard.com/AS_henna_for_hair/chapters/chap6/6_henna...

Okay, so what I wish to understand is whether the Sunshine Kit (200 g cassia to 50 g henna + 8 g kristalovino fruit acid powder,) will eventually darken hair with repeated applications?

purple hair

I dyed my hair using henna first, followed by indigo.  It ended up too red so I added only indigo and now am deep purple.  Any input would be appreciated.  

Lightening hendigo'ed/two-step Hair


I started using henna-indigo three years ago, or maybe 3 and a half years.

I would like to start a process of ligthening my hair from black to dark brown. I have approximately 50 to 60% gray, which I can consistently stain in the color range I now desire, BUT my situation is how do I fade the many layers of hendigo/indigo in my length? That is, currently I would be dealing with the very short new growth (as I cover my gray every 3 to 4 weeks) while the rest of my mid-shoulder length hair is black. 

Natural Copper tones but want to go Brown.

Hiya :)

My Natural hair colour is light-medium brown with strong copper tones (I've tried to attatch a photo of my hair next to a jar of Nescafe Gold Coffee, to give an indication of it's colour). The copper tones don’t suit my skin tone, which is pale with yellow undertones. I’d like to dye my hair a medium brown colour, without any copper tones. Would it be possible to do this with a Henna Indigo mix? And if yes, which one/s would you recommend ?

Too dark after Hendigo - what should I do next time?

Hi, I'm a henna newbie and have long light-mid brown hair which has been dyed using permanent chemical dyes in the past. I have a few white streaks and need to dye the roots every 3 weeks. I want to switch to natural dyes that won't damage my hair. I'm happy to either keep my natural colour or make it a subtle dark red - either would be fine but I don't want to go too dark or bright orange! 

After lots of reading, I dyed my hair by mixing 75% henna and 25% indigo and leaving it in for 4 hours. So far I have done my whole head twice, 3 weeks apart.  


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