Henna demise time


henna and protein treatments

Hi, I have a special event on Saturday, so I am planning to touch up my roots with henna tomorrow.  At the same time, I'm also going to put a henna gloss on the rest of my hair, to brighten it up a bit.  Henna has improved the condition of my hair quite a bit!  Especially because I am no longer using heat tools.  But my hair has not yet fully recovered from the onslaught of chemical color/bleach processing it's been through over the past year, before I switched to henna.  So I'd like to do a DIY protein treatment.



Jagua gel

Hi, first post here! I got a jagua design done a week and a half ago, my first jagua experience, and the stain is still nice and dark. Now I'm interested in doing it at my booth as well as henna, any experience with this? The jagua used is the brand inkbox which comes in a gel, but I'm interested in getting the juice and mixing my own gel. I'm so curious if any other artists are adding this to their buisness?!

peroxide giving relief from darkening, have some concerns though

I saved near-black hair from a haircut and soaked in 3% drug store hydrogen peroxide, hair was still strong and flexible after 24 hours so I decided to give it a go. To be honest I couldn't see much difference in the hair swatch at about 48 hours, when it had dried. But at least there didn't seem to be anything to lose by trying it.

cassia plus amla?

Cassia leaves my white (gray) hair bright yellow. Would amla subdue the brassiness the way it does with henna? I am looking for a cool, ashy tone on the white hair.

The lasting power of frozen henna

It's been a number of years since I've been around, but after last night I just had to share.  I'm male but I do like the color I get from henna, plus the incredible dandruff control, so I've been doing it for a number of years.  I used to color my hair twice a year, but older age tends to slow us down.  As a result of less-frequent usage but continuing the buy the same amounts, I started ending up with quite a collection of extra henna packets in the freezer.  I've just been working through my stash for the past years to get caught up again.

Refresh color without darkening?

Hey everyone!

So I henna'd my hair for the first time about 3 weeks ago and I'm already getting the urge to do it again. Every time I washed my hair for the first few weeks afterwards I'd have a lot of henna run off in the water, and I feel like a lot of the red has already faded (I've read that henna sometimes fades after the very first application before it 'sticks', so I'm not sure if that's what happened here). Also I feel like my roots didn't absorb the color as well either so I figured I'd just do my whole head.

confused about fruit acids

Hello, I´ve been using cassia with just a scoop of twilight henna for some years now to cover up my grays. I always use lemon or orange juice for dye release. This mix has worked well for me and it gives my light/medium brown hair a golden, coppery glow and makes the grays look like highlights.

need advice about dark patches and also the fruit powders

Ok, so I've posted at length already, about my "henna journey," so I won't start at the beginning.  Suffice to say that everything was going super well and just as expected, with only some minor snags that I was able (with your help!) to work through.  I achieved my goal of medium copper hair (over chemically dyed/highlighted warm medium brown).  I got there with a Jasmine henna/cassia/amla mix on the lengths, and with essentially the same recipe at the roots and where I'm more gray, except with a tiny bit of indigo added to help reduce the "orange blaze" effect on those lighter areas.


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