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rhassoul clay for gentle lightening?

Hi!  I've been hennaing my hair for almost a year now.  I use only Mehandi products.  I started off with no gray at all, because my hair had been (chemically) highlighted/dyed at a salon.   So I was starting with a medium reddish brown shade.  Long story short, after experimenting with various recipes , henna got me very close to my goal color of copper red.  It was not quite light/bright enough for me, but I was satisfied because I realized that henna cannot lighten the starting hair color.

Indigo alternative Buxus?

Hi everyone, a week ago I posted here to share my experience with Indigo hairdye. Unfortunely I am very allergic to the plant now, it developed over 1,5 years. It first was a very mild reaction and the last time very severe with swelling of my eyes and a red rash on my face.... I am not 100% sure if its the henna or indigo but I think Indigo based on the fact that more people are allergic to the Indigo then to henna.

Henna Indigo allergic reaction

Hi everyone, 

I am new here on this forum and I unfortunely have an allergic reaction from either Henna or Indigo.

I am sure that it is pure henna and indigo powder. I have been using this package for 1,5 years know, but suddenly started to develop an allergic reaction. It seems to be the more Indigo the stronger the reaction is...

Newbie question

I'm looking to dye my virgin hair with henna/indigo mix. I have natural fine, shoulder length, deep brown (dark chestnut) hair with sparse grey strands. My natural hair is very dark indoors, but outside there is a definite red/auburn undertones. I don't want my hair to go into the black range and I would prefer to have to bring out the redish undertones, but I also don't want my grey hair to turn orange. I'm not sure where to begin or what colour henna/indigo to use. I was thingking Rajasthani Twilight & Zekara Indigo, but I'm not sure of the ratio.


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