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Dyeing with Indigo. I want to dye fabric...

So I ordered Indigo and I don't know why.  I think I was just caught up in the moment.... I was trying to think of another way of using it, and I wondered if I can use to to dye clothes?  If I can't, then I'll probably just give it way to someone on here to who can use it.  

super dye resistant gray

As I have gotten more gray hair, I have had to move from hendigo to 2 step in order to get my roots brown.  I'm finding that now, even that isn't resulting in as dark of a brown as I would like.  More of a medium brown.  I use Rajasthani Twilight before using Zekhara Indigo.  I wash my hair with both baking soda and dish soap beforehand,  and add salt to the indigo.  I usually only leave the henna on for 5-6 hours before leaving the indigo on for 2 hours.  Is there anything else I can do?  Leaving the henna on overnight only irritates my sensitive scalp.  My roots are bright orange so it se

I'm planning on changing my acid -- should I dye my whole head rather than just my roots?

I use Twilight henna, and for years I've been mixing it with diluted lemon juice. I'm going to try Kristalovino this time -- it the color likely to be different enough that my two-month roots will be a noticibly different color?

For context, I have medium gray hair that's about 30% grey, up to about 60% in the front. My hair is chin-length, so doing my whole head only uses about twice as much henna and is actually easier than roots because I can just smear it on, but I haven't done it in a long time because I don't want darkened buildup at my ends.



I just read Twelve ways to Prevent Hair Damage I am intrigued by the Zizyphus shampoo conditioning treatment.  My question is can I use this if I henna my hair?  My hair is a dark auburn and in the article it says it is good for light hair etc. but does not say if it can be used on darker hair.  Anyone know?

How long after henna can I add in indigo?

Alright so I'm trying to do a jet black color. I've done henna/indigo 2 step process before and I would do the second step immediately after with perfect results. It's been years and grew that black back out. All my natural dirty blonde is back.

Needless to say I am having too much fun with this red, but I do want my black... eventually. Maybe a few days to a week.

My question is, how long after doing henna can I put in the indigo and still get black results? Or would I have to do the henna step again? It's already been half a day...

Fine tuning for light brown

     I am coming up on one year of henna and am very happy with my hair's texture improving as well as shine. My main problem is I can't seem to get away from the copper color.  I have tried just about everything, I always used mineral water, have used rainwash on occasion which didnt seem to make a difference.  I use nightfall rose for acid. Other suggested trials were:  

Chai Kit Results Anyone?

Hi All!

I'm thinking about ordering the Chai Kit to color my grey roots and try to blend them in with my hair, which is sort of a dark blond/golden brown color. I searched the forums and saw a number of people saying the Chai Kit made their hair too orange. Was wondering if anyone else had this issue and/or if anyone has any photos of Chai on gray hairs. Thanks!

Hair Mix page

Several years ago there was a hair mix page that had photos/recipes that were wonderful!  I can't find that page now.  Is it still on here?


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