Hello Everyone,

I recently found some Jamila in a local store. Since I have heard so much about how great it is I bought it....only thing is that everything I have read here states that Jamila Henna has a sticker with the Crop year on it??? The box I have does not?!? Is it very old? or a rip-off? I have been Hennaing for over 8 years but have had henna brought back from my trips to the middle east (but my powder ran :( out.. )

Anyone have any imput?


Wrapping/Sealing Problems

My fiance and I did a design on my hand for the first time ever and I sealed it with lemon juice, then put a loose sock over it. Well, this morning I had a lot of smooshing and now I have henna smears where I don't want them!

I'm thinking of buying the gloves sold here. What can I do in the future to help prevent that? I also sweat when I'm sleeping. I usually seal my feet with medical tape, and the sweat while sleeping just ruins the design!

I really need to learn how to seal and wrap. Any tips would be super appreciated.


How to get my favoured colour with Henna?

Hello everybody!

I´m colouring my hair with henna now since February. I tried flaming red and natural red. It´s very bright and shiny, but a bit too orange. Could any body give me a hint, how to get more red? It still should stay a bit orange, but it should be more red than orange, not more orange than red.

Until now I used all the time black tea as a mixture and I left it in the hair about 2 hours.

Would be great if you have any ideas.

do you know a recipe henna(+indigo) against dandruff??


I henna+indigo-ed my hair... Awsome color,but my scalp isn't happy! I have a difficult scalp. No SLS, no silicones etc...... but when I use henna the dandruff comes right back, I mix henna BQ with tea, vinagre and sugar. Beause henna works against dandruff I was wondering...

Does anybody have a anti-dandruff henna recipe I can try???

Thanx Julia

Rajasthani BAQ henna

Hello, I saw on Black Cat Red Cat a really good deal on Rajasthani BAQ henna. Does anyone now anything about that henna? the dye content? Crop year? what it's comparable to? from personal experience. It's so cheap!

Questions about henna+indigo with pic

Hello Everyone,

I stumbled upon this forum (older one) recently while I was trying to research about Henna. I've learn a lot of great things about Henna and also about the horrible toxics in chemical dyes. I've recently hennaed my hair a few weeks ago and LOVE the result. It gives me a nice tint and made my hair very soft and practically tangle-free.

PLEASE have insurance if you are a working artist

Here's Why...


The Flea Market where I was set up this saturday is(was) under a huge big top tent. A huge gust of wind came along and snapped 4 of the safety straps out of the asphalt and ripped a huge hole up to the big poles in the center. The big poles flying around loosed the awning beams which fell onto my and a few other vendors booths. My tent was crumpled and tossed in the air like paper. 


Finally had a wonderful Henna experience!

Ok not to say I've ever truely had a bad experience.  I've been using henna on my hair for over a yr and half now.  But until today (I do feel a bit silly for saying this) I've never had a more plesant experience putting it in my head.  Hearing the descriptions that henna is suppose to be a soothing and calming experience sounded wonderful, but the reality of it was that when my friend would put it in my head it would hurt like heck.  I finally realized today that's because I was making it too thick.  I wasn't getting the final product to the "yogurt" stage...  more like pu

has anyone ever tried this??

I have been using henna on my hair for about a year now and i want to go back to my natural color. I am wondering if i can start doing my roots with henna that was mixed with boiling water? just so that it will fade and i wont have my roots showing?? Does it fade all the way?? can i just use hot water or do i need something acidic?

ive decided to go black!!!

HI everyone. My hair is currently hendigoed and its a dark auburn color. I want to go black and my question is can i do just a henna gloss using 100g on layered mid-back legnth hair and then indigo or do i have to do a full stregnth henna then indigo. I would like to avoid doing a full stregnth henna because it relaxes my waves. (I use amla mixed with the henna to help keep my waves but not sure how much it helps because ive never done just plain henna).


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