ive decided to go black!!!

HI everyone. My hair is currently hendigoed and its a dark auburn color. I want to go black and my question is can i do just a henna gloss using 100g on layered mid-back legnth hair and then indigo or do i have to do a full stregnth henna then indigo. I would like to avoid doing a full stregnth henna because it relaxes my waves. (I use amla mixed with the henna to help keep my waves but not sure how much it helps because ive never done just plain henna).

Purity Henna... please help!

I've been doing henna for going on 5 years but I'm fairly new to this forum (browsed around a lot before actually signing up). This is the first time I've encountered anything I really felt compelled to ask about... so any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Swimming Pools and Henna?

Is it safe to swim with my hendigo hair?  I don't think the chemical is chlorine anymore - but it's something with salts - does anyone have any experience?

Henna Indigo proportion and the Mix preferrence ?

I am going to do hendigo in next few days, this time keeping a little longer than 30 minutes. The 30 minutes and not shampooing for next 2-3 days actually gave my hair a good dark brown and the gray too is covered pretty well.

My gray roots are just about 1/2" and the rest of the hair is chemically treated with hair color which has now some coating of hendigo all over.

manic panic and the like

I know it was mentioned on the old board some people use manic panic or SFX and those type of dyes with henna. Do people mix it in with henna or apply after?

I never really looked into these dyes...but most people say they aren't damaging, so I should still be safe from any chemical damage?

I was thinking of using one of the red shades to maybe make henna more red (but a natural red, not crayon red) just so it doesn't oxidize too brown and will look reddish under most lighting, not just bright sunlight.

weird side effect

I have done henna on my hair twice before, each one year apart. I just did henna again for the third time, but this time something weird happened. I did henna Friday night and left it on over night, and when I woke up Saturday morning to use the bathroom, my urine was a greenish brown. My guess is that it's from doing henna on my hair but it never happened to me before. Has this happened to anyone else?

Sorry if it's an inappropriate question, but it really surprised me and got me thinking how safe is this?

HURRAY ! Got my jet black hair back !!!

Just finished my very first henna/indigo treatment. Jet black hair again! NOT ONE GRAY STRAND :) Just one thing. It seems to have made my hair feel drier & to shrink up a lot more than usual...I thought it was supposed to loosen the curl pattern. In some spots it did appear looser but was also a bit harder to detangle. That happens when my hair is  extremely dry ,not conditioned well or has some product that doesn't agree with it.I've been wondering if I should've diluted the lemon juice instead of using it straight.

Henna/Indigo 2 step

I have received my Celebration Henna & Indigo and plan on applying my 2 step on Monday.  I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can help m with.

1.  Should I wash out the henna with shampoo or just plain water before applying the indigo.  I know that I deep condition after washing out the indigo.

2  Can someone reccommend an good deep conditioner to use.  I am African American with Type 4 B Hair.


Hey everyone!

I had kind of a specific question about mylar. What thickness do you usually use? I went searching for some and everything I found was transparent and quite thin! I have some stuff I bought years ago from a henna girl somewhere(she was on the forum at one point...), but I need more. It's metallic and not transparent at all, and that's what I like.


Know its been asked before, buuut...

Okay, so I'm going to visit my folks next weekend and I talked my mom into letting me henna her hair. I will be using my PP and probably my cassia. Now, she may not have any hair for strand tests... so my question is this... If I were to do a 50/50 mix on her hair... do you think I could get a good auburn? Or should I go for a 75/25 cassia/henna mix?

I know this is really hard to see, but I cant find any other picture.... her color is roughly the color of the swatch on the top row, second to the end - light reddish brown. Possibly with frosted highlights.


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