Know its been asked before, buuut...

Okay, so I'm going to visit my folks next weekend and I talked my mom into letting me henna her hair. I will be using my PP and probably my cassia. Now, she may not have any hair for strand tests... so my question is this... If I were to do a 50/50 mix on her hair... do you think I could get a good auburn? Or should I go for a 75/25 cassia/henna mix?

I know this is really hard to see, but I cant find any other picture.... her color is roughly the color of the swatch on the top row, second to the end - light reddish brown. Possibly with frosted highlights.

will henna show on indigo black?

Hi everyone!   I love this forum! 

I am using indigo after henna for the first time this weekend to get black.  My hair is almost black anyway but it has a lot of natural reddish highlights when in sunlight.  I have been using henna from this site every few months for about a year and a half which added more red when in sunlight and did an amazing job conditioning my hair. 

Has anyone ever applied henna a few months after indigo?  Does it show at all on the black or just the area near the roots? 


Raj henna dye release time.

I just made a big batch of Raj henna. I usually do Jamilla and I know that it has a 24 to 48 hour dye release time. Can someone tell me the dye release time for Raj?


new henna streaks

Well i said I wouldnt do it agan but was bored and needed a henna fix
so I did some more streaks
will look better in the sun so will take more tomorrow
but LOVE it x





Chemically dying hair AFTER using pure henna?

So I used PURE body art quality henna, can I chemically dye it afterwards or will it ruin my hair?

too too copper! want rich ruby red color! HELP!!

I am a first time henna user. Before I henna'd my hair I had several bleached highlights that had grown out about half an inch, my natural hair color is dark brown. I purchased the Punjambi Prime from I mixed two pakages of 100g each with bottled lemon juice and ground up some cloves and added it to the mix to hide the henna smell. I let it sit for 21 hrs. then I washed my hair with diluted dish soap to wash out all hair product, dried it then applied the mixture. I wrapped it with plastic wrap then a towel let it stay in my hair over night from 10pm-6am.

Jamila ???'s

I just bought some Jamila henna from my local Indian grocery store (Patel Bros.). I was so excited I picked up to boxes without checking the date stamp....Well there was no date stamp and now I'm worried. Its in the greenish box and not in foil. It was only $1.49 a box and cheaper than the cheapie henna Dulhan I tired before. I'm just wondering if its safe to use or should I hold off and order the newer crop or a different brand.

Whichypoohs Pics Jamila Henna

Well I first Hennaed in 2008, then went back to chemical poision. I've just Hennaed again over Light Brown Chemical Dye with Gray roots.....I bleached the Light Brown out using Jerome Russell bleach and here (hopefully) are the results:

I hope they come out OK. If anyone have any questions then please - fire away!


Debating to go back to Chemical (Don't want to) Help!

Short history:

I had virgin hair.  My hair is a medium to darker brown.  Did 40% Henna 50% indigo and 10% buxus.  Left it on for 3 hours and loved the color.  Blended in my whites well.  Came out a nice dark brown at first then faded to a more red brown.  Now my roots are grown out 2 inches.  Need to do something.

I really want to keep it simple and would love to do the same mix whole head again.  But I'm scared the result will be almost black the second time around.  But if it were a nice dark brown I'd be so happy with it and the whites would be even more covered.  

Thank You Carrie

Thanks to Carrie and all involved on this site for the info and help with this awesome product. It is such a relief to look up questions and pics and mixes and gosh what a resource for my lifestyle change; going organic. My hair is the first to benefit from it, my skin also. My family and friends all comment and are impressed. This is all due to some awesome research and hard work administering this site.

Yours Truly



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