Couldnt resist...

I had like 2 inches of roots showing, so I broke down and lightened them (they ended up lighter than I wanted... whoops), and as always I missed spots though I'm not sure how this time. Got irritated cause it was a pretty crappy job and I am now sitting with henna in my hair, lol.


Foulah Braids

I scanned and uploaded a large detail so you can see how this woman's hair was braided: amazing work!.

Foulah women's hair seems to have caught the attention of colonial photographers (and their customers); they took and published a lot of pictures of these women.

Hennaed braids, 1905, Algeria

This woman from Boghari, Algeria, appears to have hennaed her dark brown hair so she has dark auburn braids.  She hennaed her fingernails about three weeks prior to this photograph (judging by the growth).  Comparing this picture to a similar postcard of the same woman, she seems to have hennaed palms, but is not showing them.  

Anyone else use just glosses?

After turing my head a lovely shade of burgundy with multiple applications of PP, then trying for the longest time to lighten it, then switiching to a henna/cassia mix that was pretty but lacked the "flash" of Lawsone, I think I have settled on doing glosses only for color.


Rinsing problem - solved

Well it's solved temporarily.  We were doing house work Memorial Day weekend and I decided to henna my hair as I wasn't going anywhere that day.  Rinsing is my least favorite step and even doing a mermaid soaks leaves it a bit difficult.  It was a hot day and we had the hose out so it seemed like a good idea to try that.  So there I am leaning over the porch railing, trying to keep my clothes dry while squirting my head with the hose.  Having help woulkd have made it easier but in the end it was a good idea. 

Beach Bodies

Its beach season.

Does swimming bring on anxiety attacks or a burst of pride? 

Do you feel your body is up to scrutiny?  What part of your body would you alter if you could?  What part of your body do you alter when you go swimming (include shaving more than usual, pedicures, and frantic bouts of fasting and situps)?  Do you try to darken your skin by tanning, or do you slather up in sunscreen?

This lady hasn't fussed over much about her figure, but she's wearing stockings, high heels and lipstick.


Nervous/Excited about tyring to henna

I'm anxious to try henna but am concerned about the outcome.  I am african american and have been natural for a little over a year.  I go to the salon every 8 weeks for permanent jet black color basically to cover my gray.  The gray start to "pop" out less than a week around my edges once I get my color.  I'm looking for something to use to cover the gray more often than every 8 weeks and also looking to use something less harsher than chemical dyes.  I'm think of using just the henna by istelf instead of the indigo with the indigo but am afraid of what the gray color will be after just  "h

Abu Dhabi outlaws henna contaminants


"the dyes would be “immediately confiscated and appropriate legal action will be taken against the offender, which may go as far as closing the facility altogether, abolishing its commercial license, preventing it from practicing business, and imposing a hefty fine.""

Poison people and lose your business license!  YES!


Please post your Thursday Sharing for June 3 into this thread!

Thank you all in advance for sharing!

When you can, post a url for your picture rather than hotlinking the picture.... there are several reasons for this:


Many people have limited bandwidth. If a hotlink pops their picture up every time some opens the thread, they may quickly exceed their bandwidth, and then nobody gets to see their picture.


Its nice to see your picture in the context of the rest of your work!


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tattoos versus henna, help?

I need suggestions, ideas, advice, comments.

Bare with me while I set up the problem. Recently, I began doing henna at a really cool shop (I will call it "Arts") owned and operated exclusively by women. The shop features local handmade arts, crafts, upcycled items, organic and gardening products, and items from the green industry.



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