Relatively accurate and complete article on henna and leukemia in UAE

"Over the past three months, municipal inspectors have been working their way through the city’s 4,000 salons and sending samples off to the Health Authority for testing. “Eighty per cent of the salons we have seen are using only natural henna,” he says. Fines of up to Dh10,000 and a court summons are issued to salons found to be doing otherwise."


Initial post order changed

A detail that escaped my notice until yesterday is that the posts were arranged oldest first so you had to goto the last page in the sequence or change the order manually every time you checked into a forum.

This morning, I changed the default order of initial posts so the newest posts are first in line.

You still have control over the ordering of the comments with the option bar at the bottom of the comments section.


Henna on nails ???

Does henna on nails need to sit the same amount of time as on skin?



Thanks to all that helped me sort out my non sticking paste issues, I was able to find a mix that worked and did a party last night with great success.  In fact one lady still had her paste on 24 hours later.  I did tell her she could sleep with it and then take it off in the morning.  I think she liked the glitter too much.  But everyone I have talked to said it stayed on great and had a great stain after they took the paste off.  I did 20 gm of henna 1/4 c lemon juice 2tsp of dextrose and 1/2tsp of agave necture.  As long as it is cold it holds a great line so I kept a couple of cones in


The hero's body

I think everyone, at least once, has tried to look like someone they really admire.

This can go from buying a fan teeshirt to reworking onesself in front of the mirror, to Carnivale, to Brett .... in the link above, who was 4 1/2 and was very, very happy that Christmas morning.

I got a Davy Crockett outfit about the same year.  I was very upset that I was not allowed to wear it to church.


Getting hard water buildup out of hair

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to get hard water buildup out of hair- my hair suddenly went from deep red/burgundy to very much more brown pretty much immediately after I moved. I know henna will go more towards brown but my water has so much copper in it that it turns GREEN on contact with soap- I'm almost positive THAT has something to do with it.

Do You Gloss?

I've been experimenting with glosses lately (with varying amounts of henna and conditioner), and wonder what other's experiences have been.

I did a 50/50 (henna/conditioner) mix a couple of weeks ago and was surpised by my excellent results-- very shiny and smooth with reduced frizz.  It was easier to apply, easier to rinse, but unfortunately was VERY runny.  I hate that!

What is Your Favorite Henna Recipe?

For now, I do the following:

-200g of Jamila Henna (but will probably start experimenting with Yemen)

-1.5 cups of warm (not hot) green tea

-2 tablespoons of honey

I mix them all together and apply immediately.  I sleep in my henna and it stays on for a total of 12 hours.  I get great results with this mix-- easy to apply, rinse, and leaves me with super shiny, smooth, elongated curls.  


What's your favorite mix??


Henna plant pictures

It's a beautiful mid-spring morning...foggy with a heavy dew just as the sun is coming up. Outstanding light! And it couldn't have come at a better time because our henna plants have started putting out new leaves. A Nikon moment!



Festival woading/indigo

I just finished up the Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games and my partner and I were able to do some festival indigo. Last year I only did 2 or 3 indigo pieces.  This year there were considerably more. I'm hoping that it will catch on a bit.   Here's a link to the flickr set.  Enjoy!




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