Henna classes near West Central Wisconsin?


I'm wondering if any of you are aware of or are offering Henna classes, workshops or conferences in the wc wi area? I've tried looking on line, but only see dates that have already gone by.

I've been playing with paste I've made myself, and ordered premade paste from Henna caravan just to try some of their scents .mmmmmmm yummy.


My first real "gig"

I'm so excited! I've been reading up on the page for quite some time now!

Up until this point I've only done henna for fun but this weekend I will be doing it at a festival.

OK, so its not a "real" gig, as I won't be getting paid. I'm volunteering. But I get to hand out business cards and they cover the cost of my supplies!

I'll be making my henna tonight, hopefully it will turn out good for this weekend. If not, UH OH!

Wish me luck!! :D


orangy red with Punjabi Prime (herded from OLD HP forum for Henna and her daughters)

This was my second purchase of Punjabi Prime henna with the lower dye content and a different red than the usual 'auburn' you get from most hennas (like Jamilla which I used previously.)

I bought the Punjabi Prime because it said it was possibly that 'different red' you've been looking for. It was. I used it on my own hair which is basic 'auburn' when I henna'd it, and it was a lovely 'irish' light red instead.

Going Pure Black... help? (herded off old HP forum for Henna and her daughters)

My henna is mixed waiting til tomorrow when I'll use it, then follow with indigo over top. I am excited about going black, as I've always coveted black hair and I'm thrilled to have indigo to use so I don't damage my hair.

I'm a natural redhead, was carroty orange as a child, but at 38 my natural color is now a dull light brown with a few gold/red streaks in it. Medium brown with some highlights is how I'd describe my natural color.


I was looking through the blogs and found this insurance provider  :

Ye Olde World Living History Foundation
1130 Sheridan Ave, Suite #160
Cody, WY 82414
Phone: (307) 587-1872
Fax: (307) 587-1875
email: dusty@renfaire.org

But the number isn't working and neither is the site.

Does anyone know of any insurance providers in Canada?


Reasonable Rate

Hello Henna Lovers!
I have been doing henna for a bit over a year now and have fallen in love.

It's been mostly a hobby until now. Recently I had a request to partner up with someone for a festival. They will be paying me by the hour and will provide me with the designs they want me to do and the henna.

Since I've been doing this for free, I was wondering if anyone has an idea of a reasonable rate I should  be charging her by the hour?

Any input would be greatly appreciated! :)


Henna dye linked to high leukaemia rates in UAE women

Don't panic .... I've been following this one in medical journals for some time and HENNA is not the problem.  However, you're probably going to get a few frantic people asking about this:



stain much darker than the rest...

I did a pattern on my had over a week ago. I normally get a good chestnut stain but part of the design, on the base of my thumb nuckle got VERY VERY dark. Almost a black/green. I know 99.9% that there is no PPD in my henna. I bought the powder from tapdancinglizard back in 06 (I keep the powder in the freezer) and have not had any problems in the past. I use lemon juice and the oil of the week was tea tree, I added some sugar from dunkin donuts (I'm that cheap... actually they were just there.)


Q & A " Is there a way to change the font size?"

So far, I haven't found a user-level tool for adjusting the global default font size..at least not one that I've been able to make work for our site. There are new devlopments and patches always on progress, so I'll keep looking.

Q & A " I have no idea what to put as my time zone on this forum."

The time zone list is a good example of the danger of too many choices. Actually, there's a purpose to it. Not all countries, regions or cities are on the same clock as their neighbors. That's even the case here in the US. Have a look at this US time zone map and you'll see what I mean.


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