A Bisharin woman from Aswan, Egypt

This woman is wonderfully groomed! I especially like the one lock that comes forward. 


I think she also has a chin tattoo and a forehead tattoo, though the photograph isn't as well focused as one might hope. 


Henna gloss recipy

I recently experimented a henna gloss on my hair that normally takes 300 grams for a full henna application.


50 gr henna

500 ml camomile tea (2 tea bags for 500 ml hot water)

2.5 grams of agar-agar to gell the camomile tea

1 1/2 teaspoon of neem powder

1 1/2 teaspoon of multani miti

1 teaspoon of coconut oil

aprox 3 teaspoons extravirgin olive oil

aprox 20 drops of jojoba oil


Aded the 2 camomile tea bags to 500 ml hot water and left it for a wile while I was doing something else.

Gray Roots, Red Strands

I am going to apply henna/indigo to my gray roots.  However, I have some random red strands throughout--gray hairs that I henna'd and applied indigo previously, but the indigo didn't take.

I want to try again and dye these red hairs with indigo, but do I need to re-apply henna, or can i go straight to indigo?  Thx.

two tone henna

For the two tone do you just put on a thin layer or do you have to take it off after a while?  I wanted to use a paint brush to do a lighter base coat and then put the detail on with a cone.  Will that work?


Can demised henna condition hair?

I read somewere that demised henna is not useless overall, that it can still be used to condition hair even if it does not stain or stains very little. Is that really true?

Which henna to choose?

I posted this on the old forum but just realized there was a new one...

Celebration henna

I ordered some...so now.....how long for dye release?


Black henna or not?


A friend of mine recently went to Egypt, and she brought back what she's calling "black henna powder," which she now wants to mix and apply. I've never heard of the PPD "black henna"  coming in powder form, and I was wondering if there might be some natural, unharmful henna additive that is used in Egypt  to darken henna. I'd hate to tell her that what she bought is unsafe if it isn't.


Thanks for your help,



Question about Purity and terps

Does the Purity take as long to release dye?  I usually use the KISS method for mixing my henna.  Just don't want to leave it sitting too long!!  Can't wait to play with it!!

What is the best way to store my terp?


Thanks in advance!



Want to buy new henna

Hello everyone!  I want to buy some new henna.  I have been a customer here for 3 or so years now.  I started with Yemen, went to PP and recently DOTM.  I'm about to run out of DOTM and I need to purchase more henna.   My hair is fairly dark it looks like a dark cherry now.  So, I can't usually tell a huge color difference I just want to know if there is a new henna on the site that people are liking right now?  I just like to try new stuff but, I am looking for good dye content.  :)  I don't have much gray I just really love the conditioning effects of henna my hair has never been in bette


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