Staining with Glosses

When applying a gloss, is it recommended to wear gloves?  I don't recall anyone ever mentioning it, but it seems like it would stain your hands otherwise.

Sweating cones?

It seems that whenever I thaw a frozen cone, it somehow has water inside. Every time I squeeze a thawed cone, water droplets come out. It makes the henna very hard to apply, even though my fresh paste never has this problem. I store frozen henna in a ziploc bag, and I thaw it out of the bag in the fridge, then set it on the counter to reach room temp before trying to use it.

The water thing is causing a problem. Anyone know what I can do, besides never freezing my cones?


Does aquarellabel pencil inhibit staining?

I have a rather complicated design that I want to put on my hand tonight, and I sketched the design out on aquarellable pencil first. Thing is, the pencil made really dark blue (like almost vat Indigo colored) lines on my skin, and I'm concerned that it might cause a problem for the henna. Anyone know if it will keep my stain from sticking?


get the ball rolling....

well, i guess i'll get the ball rolling then! here by way of curlynikki's admiration for henna, i'm two years natural and i didn't do a "strand" test but i did harvest hair and use a sample as per the instructions on the hennaforhair website. for natural hair, is that enough?

i mean, don't get me wrong i did notice a significant difference: it's super soft, super strong and even the color is a bit brown. and in the light, it looks amber. however, i'm scared it wasn't enough.

any reassurance?

Which one?

So I was looking on the site to see if the new henna had been put up as a "coming soon" when I saw the "laboratory tested" part. Is the yemen sifted good for body art, or is it just for hair? And what about this NEW henna that is being hinted at? Is that one higher then 2.4?


Resistant gray (now orange) roots

I recently discovered the HFH page and am so happy to get my henna misconceptions cleared up!  My very dark brown tightly curled African American hair had about 2 inches of resistant gray roots since I stopped using a PPD-laced dark brown dye.  I didn't want to make the roots jet black by doing a 2-step Henna/Indigo,  so instead I purchased and applied the Ancient Sunrise kit for Dark Brunette.  Well, my roots seemed not to take much if any indigo because they came out coppery-orange.  I'm pretty sure I prepped everything correctly (even shampooed with liquid dish soap first!, added salt to

Q & A "Can I choose my own password?"

The answer is an enthusiastic "Yes!" Enthusiastic because user administration was a bothersome chore on the old forum script but on our new site, you can control your own account. When you're logged in, click the "My account" item on the menu in the left column and you'll go to a page with details on your account that you can control, including your password.

The traditional North African dancer: her clothing, her makeup, and her henna

Perhaps not what you expected.  Here's what she was REALLY like about 100 years ago, probably Algeria or Tunisia.  Enjoy!

Yes.  Fully covered.  Elegant. 

Here is her henna!


It never stops.

How did you alter your body for your wedding?  Who made the choices about your body?


Avoid colour build up but still condition the hair with henna

I am worried about color build up. My hair is naturally medium mousy brown near to the roots and lighter in the rest with some white hairs. I have hennaed 2 times so far, 1 week apart between applications, about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I'd like to keep as much as possible to a orange / cooper shade than to have build up until it goes deep red / auburn but in the same time I need the henna conditioning properties like air as my hair is so so thin, week and dry towards the ends. I was thinking to use a henna gloss on the length of my hair every 3 - 4  weeks and proper henna mix only on my roots.


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