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This is the last bride I did.  She wanted the works on her hands/arms and sat really well for the first hour.  After that it was a lot of people arriving at the party 2 hours early and a big long dance break.  I'm thankful for Celebration henna as I used it and on the parts of her where it was falling off (from all the dancing and sweating) it was looking incredible!


Help, somebody -- My henna mix is dye releasing already!??

I just mixed up a fresh batch of henna with some freshly squeezed OJ and cool water, started to stir, adding more water as needed.  But the mix got very gluey, and didn't seem to be mixing as well as when I hennaed before.  Thinking it was just too thick, I kept adding a little more water and mixing; it thinned just a little, but the thick, gluey consistency never improved.  What's more, it turned  quite brown, the color I remember it being on top the last time I did it which was my signal that dye release had taken place.  I put a little on my palm and waited about 5 min, rinsed it off and

Friday Funnies :D

Ah... my people!
::swells with... pride, yeah, we'll call it pride::

(thank you Katrin!)


Business Licensing in Alberta, Canada?

Hi everyone!  I am so glad to have found such an informative site.  You are all so tallented and I find much inspiration from you all!

 I am hoping to gain information on the business end of things, specifically to do with licensing.  How do we do it here in Canada?  I am from Southern Alberta and live in a small town outside of Lethbridge. 

My questions are....

If I want to work out of an establishment ( coffee shop or tattoo shope ect..) in the city, would I be able to sub contract out my work and work under that establishments license?


Itching settling down, but now flaky scalp

I did my first henna (hendigo) about 3 weeks ago.  Because my greys are so resistant I  shampooed with dish soap to help prepare them for color.  I used grapefruit juice to mix the henna.   My scalp "tingled" (more like a stinging) while the henna was applied, and I actually developed a few small scabs over the next couple of days.  Plus my scalp has itched something awful up till a couple days ago when I deep conditioned my hair.  So now the itching isn't as bad but my scalp seems to be flaking more than before, a fine white flake when I scratch.

Chemistry of indigo for hair?

I'm curious about the chemistry of indigo for hair dyeing, vs. fabric dyeing.  I'm an indigo fabric dyer, and I've learned that indigo powder does not dissolve in water -- it needs a strong alkaline and reducing solution to make it soluable and able to react with fabric fibers.  I've been told that the indigo powder used for hair dyeing is "Vashma indigo", but I don't understand what that is, or how it works differently than the ground natural indigo I buy from a dye supplier?  Can anyone tell me where Vashma indigo comes from, how is it made, how it works?

Image ownership?

The images all have the stamp of the owner, but I have my doubts.  You folks recognize anything?  They're asking for an ad on HP, and I don't take ads from people who aren't displaying their own work.


Please post your Thursday Sharing for May 20 into this thread!

Thank you all in advance for sharing!
When you can, post a url for your picture rather than hotlinking the picture .... there are several reasons for this:

Many people have limited bandwidth. If a hotlink pops their picture up every time some opens the thread, they may quickly exceed their bandwidth, and then nobody gets to see their picture.

Its nice to see your picture in the context of the rest of your work!

The page will open more quickly for everyone if the sharing is done with text links rather than hotlinks.


Safe alternatives to henna for a baby?

I have a lady looking for some sort of non-tradtional blessing for her baby and henna seems to be at the top of her list. I am pretty certain that henna is not great for babies and I have told her I am not willing to go that route for health reasons so we are trying to come up with something else that will work for her.

Any ideas? Has anyone else been faced with this?





Some beautiful pictures

Perhaps you have seen these pictures before - Hans Sylvester took pictures of Omo valley people in Ethiopia.

Absolutely fantastic set -



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