Q & A "Is there a way to lock onto the Henna for Hair forum as "home?""

You can make the forum site or any specific forum a default page in your favorite Web browser or you can drag-and-drop a shorcut to your desktop by dragging the henna leaf icon in the address window of your browser. However, because of a security protocol I'm running on the server, you will have to log in each time you want to access the forums. I know this isn't as convenient as the persistent login on the old forum, but that was a huge security hole that had to be closed.

Line break problem fixed...maybe

I've done a couple of tweaks that may have solved the line break problem.

For those of you who've just joined us, one of the admins noticed on Friday that line breaks and paragraph breaks weren't appearing properly when we preview or save text. I created a "No linebreak" filter and a simple workaround procedure to handle the problem and I've been searching for a more convenient solution.

Including links in your posts

A nice feature of our new forum is that you don't need to use HTML tags for including internet addresses in your posts. The script automatically recognizes www.hennapage.com as a URL and insets the necessary tags in the background so that it appears in your post as live link pointed to the correct location on the web in your post when you preview or save it. It will do the same with an e-mail address.

I get to start playing with henna again!

Side note: I am loving this new forum set-up. I can actually put my real username on my posts instead of having to put asterisks around it. Thanks, HP Staff!


Question about events

How much do you need to make to consider an event a 'success'? Do you go in hoping for a certain dollar amount? I did a garden/art fair today. It didn't take me long to realize that it was more 'garden' than 'art' and that I wasn't going to make much money. I made 2x my vendor fee but considering the vendor fee was so dirt cheap (which is great, I know the organizer well and want to support her), it doesn't amount to much. I reluctantly call it a success. VERY reluctantly.

Indigo Share

Here's some recent indigo I did. Thought I'd share! http://www.flickr.com/photos/blurberrybuzz/4447371958/in/set-72157614695... victoria

Comment subject line fix and a reminder on line breaks

I've just installed a module to correct the mirroring of the first few words of a comment in the subject line. Comments will now be configured automatically in the familiar "Re:" format.

The line break issue is a known bug that developers are working on. For now, the workaround is to write/edit your posts in HTML mode, using the button in the "Input format" area ( the link under the "Body" textbox) and changing to the "No linebreak" mode before previewing or saving your post. R.


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