Multiple indigo applications

I have been using a 1:1 hendigo for years. Initially I would do my whole head, but more recently, I only do the roots (using rajasthani twilight and zekhara indigo).  I've decided to try going for a cooler brown and adding amla.  I am not sure whether to do only my roots, or apply to my whole head. I don't think it will be a dramatic difference, but I know amla darkens the color a little.

cherry cola on gray possible?

I've been using a hendigo mix (1: 2 ratio) on my almost all gray hair for years now.  I'm almost 60 years old and I think my hair is really too dark for my age.  Any suggestions for going lighter?  


can I skip the fruit acid for a henna gloss?

So after a LOT of experimenting with henna recipes, I finally now have a lovely (and nearly EVEN) copper auburn color,  from my gray roots to my ends,  even though my hair was previously dyed.   I use only Mehandi products.  I now use Twilight Henna/Amla on my mostly gray roots, mixed with distilled water and some aloe vera juice.   That gives me copper penny auburn results on my roots, once it oxidizes.  That's my goal color.  I do not put on the rest of my hair when I do my root touch ups.    

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Henna Science Experiments

I have a very complicated mix of situations for my first time henna experience. I have to match extensions. I have highlighted hair. I am very fair complected, blue eyes, dirty blonde (light brown hair) with hardly any grey except along hairline. My hair is curly/wavy- like not evenly spiral curls, just randomly curls. I crunch it to style it and never brush it or it frizzes.

Allergic to indigo; need help with henna on grays

First of all thank you all for such a wonderful wealth of information on this site.  It has helped me and my daughter tremendously over the years, though I'm new to henna just this year.  At first I didn't think I would want to go through all the hassle each time to maintain the upkeep, because I'm a seriously low-maintainence person.  But I'm pretty hooked on it now and actually enjoy the whole process.  It's something I do just for me and the effort of it makes me feel like I care about myself Sunrise Newsletter

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A Few Questions Please

Hi.  I've been using henna for several years.   My natural hair color was dark auburn brown, and I have over 50 percent white at the roots.  (I went prematurely white so I've been dealing with bits and pieces since my early 20s.) 

I keep my henna on for eight to nine hours.   My hair is to the middle of my back and it's thick.  So I use a lot of henna for a lot of hours.   I'm also migraine prone, so you could imagine the next day or two after that.

Blonde Highlights

Hi Everyone!  

I want to add light blonde highlights to my auburn/red hair.  I've only used Ancient Sunrise, and I've used it for years.  Every highlight product I look at addresses a brown or blonde base, not a red base.  I don't want to make a mistake.  Could you recommend something, please? 

Thank you!!


Hello ~

I recently moved and there were some unforeseen problems during the move, long story short - my henna, amla, and indigo were all in a box for a week + in a vehicle with temperatures ranging from mid-40's to mid-80's - I'm assuming everything is ruined?

Is there any chance it would be ok and it would be worth testing?

Thank you!


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