Help! Quick advice needed...

I use Henna for Gray Hair (medium brunette) from time to time, last time was almost a year ago. I have a lot of new gray to cover up so I ordered a new box. Normally I mix henna with apple juice, wait for dye release, usually four hours or so and then then go ahead and make the indigo mix and apply to hair.

In my new box I found a packet of Malluma Kristalovino powder and new instructions. The new instructions say to combine with henna and distilled water, mix and let sit for 8-12 hours!

Questions re: mixes with beetroot, hibiscus powder, red clay, etc.

My grays are getting too orange for the rest of my hair, which is a deep, gorgeous wine red (Monsoon + Copperberry) with highlights (bleach). Some of my bleach highlights, as well as my grays, have become brassy orange.  I know they will darken with repeated henna applications, and leaving henna on for many hours.  Still, I am curious to know if I could get red tones by mixing beet root, or hibiscus powder, or red clay with my Monsoon so I don't have to use up so much henna.  If not those relatively cheap options, would diprotic acid help add the rose tones (as opposed to orange tones)?

How to adjust my colour from deep reddish brown to ash brown?

I've been using henna for many years now.  I love the deep reds I get from Rajasthani henna.  I used to use it with a bit of indigo but the last half year I have used it on it's own and still got a deep red on my grays.  I've now decided the reddish hair just isn't suiting my face and I want to go back to my natural gray (which is a salt and pepper with dark brown & gray)  Before I do that I want to turn my hair colour as brown as I can get it.  That way it will blend in a little better with my dark brown coming in and I won't have 3 colours in my hair.  I have amla, indigo , & henn

Cassisa for covering/tinting/dyeing gray hair

Very confused about cassia.

If I want to use it to tint/cover gray and white hairs, do I let it sit overnight for dye release? Should I use an acidic liquid and if so, what? Could I mix amla with water and if so, in what ratio? How long do I leave on hair?



Advice on henna paste

Hello everybody!

 I used to be a member of this forum years ago but after I decided to get a pixie cut, I left my hair with highlights and kept going blonder over the past few years, and now my hair is very long again.

Orange roots help please!

I normally use 50/50 twilight and indigo one step process. The indigo fades so quickly on my grey roots so I did an experiment to see how my hair would look without indigo and used twilight and amla on my roots. It is way too orange so I need to go over again with henna and indigo. My question is how long should I leave it on for?  I don't want to go black. I was thinking an hour? Normally I leave on for 4 hrs but that is on grey, now it's orange I'm not sure. Thank you!!

What works just as good as lemon juice?

Ive been hennaing my gray hair for years now. I always mixed my henna with straight lemon juice. The last two times I ended up using key lime juice because I have a key lime tree and decided to use up the limes rather than go out and buy lemon juice. I noticed my hair was lighter all over than normal after both applications and it didnt oxidize much darker like it normally does using lemon juice. I always do whole head applications, I never bother just doing the roots.

Natural Redhead turning into a blonde HELP

I am so very in love with my red hair. It's usually very vibrant but this intense Florida sun has given me more and more blonde streaks. I've never dyed my hair, ever. I researched and found henna to be helpful to enhance red hair. I bought the Hannah Naturals henna and Zenia cassia. I'm nervous to change my color but I want my ginger red back! What mix of henna and cassia do you think would be best for me? Or do you think I should just do a henna gloss? If so, would I still mix the henna and cassia? Any info you have is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!! 

Bleaching hendigo; covering the green...

What an awesome forum! Thank you for it!

I rue the day I discovered hendigo! My hair looks like a weave made with calico cat. I am HOPING to eventually just use cassia, to tint my greys. But I may be dead by then! 

In the meantime I'm trying to seguey from this dark brown/light red/weird roots hodgepodge to a LIGHT-MEDIUM BROWN. Which is my my natural color minus the gray. 

Highlightening Cap.



I have henna and cassia and want to create highlights.

Has anyone used a hair cap that allows hair to be pulled through and then used henna and cassia mix to create high lights, if so how did it work out?

Thank you.



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